Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

Wireless transmission
Support Connection with the smartphone (iOS/Android system) via Bluetooth

Desk-top Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Antibacterial design
Removable cuff cloth design realized anti-bacterial/ comfortable/ healthy measurement upon cleaning/replacing. Support various arm circumference between 17~42cm.

Desk-top Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Human voice reminder

During the whole measurement process to help users follow the correct instructions and get accurate results.

Memory storage up to 100 sets

the ‘MEM’ button helps users search for measurement results.

Laser therapy for knee pain

3D vibration technology and laser irradiation applied, through dimensional massage and direct irradiation to knee joint, to improve the blood supply to the knee joint and surrounding soft tissue, strengthen the soft tissue to fix, support and protect the knee joint.

Nail Fungus Laser Device

High-efficiency Irradiation
905±10nm high-power weak laser combined with 460nm±30nm visible blue light, directly acting on nails, improving nail health and helping nail care.

Hair care laser comb

Prevention and treatment of headache, neurasthenia, insufficient blood supply, cerebral thrombosis sequelae,
scalp freeze, hemiplegia, etc. Nerve relax, spasm relief, sober brains, memory reinforce.

Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter

anesthesia needle

anesthesia needle

Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter



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